Visiteurs-mystères, protocol, 2019

Using the code of the controversial audit technique of the "Mystery-shopper", Marc Buchy created a fake company specialised in auditing cultural institutions : UpStare Quality.

Based on real surveys and using the typical language of these companies, he posted a recruitment announcement to offer this job to various people. A code of conduct, various scenarios and debriefing of the experience are send to the volunteer workers and allow the artist to infiltrate the institution anonymously. Each worker have to complete a questionnaire and send it back to UpStare Quality.

The artist places himself in an ambiguous relationship with the institution which, in turn, may feel judged by the artist as he seeks to have an objective vision of the service offered to the public.

An invisible, unwanted form of surveillance, as a kind of scripted-reality, interfering with the daily life of the museum is generated through the activation of the work. Discussions between the artist and the institution, but also among the team of the museum itself, tend to emerge.

In the end, the completed questionnaires are displayed in the museum.
UpStare Quality logo
Exhibition view - BPS22, Charleroi
Exhibition view - Belle de Mai (Fr)