N2H4, digital publishing house, pdf travel guides, writings, website, merchandisings, 2018

N2H4 is a publishing platform, editing and selling digital travel guides.

The website www.n2-h4.com is the main form of the project, gathering and selling personal writing about various cities.

The invited writers are people with intimate knowledge of a place. They are invited to drawn up a text about how they live, what they discovered, what they liked or disliked, what was their relationship to the city. They are free to use the style and approach they prefer. On the contrary to classical travel guides made with local tourist offices, these text are fully based on first hand experiences, creating autobiographical writings with a usable twist, delivering intimate visions of places described.

These writings and their diffusion link N2H4 to the question of the protocal as a medium. Here each guides become a protocol that the reader-visitor-user can decide to follow (or not), to avoid (or not), to improve (or not). Even more than the question of the protocol, there is a link with the idea of performance, with a very specific approach : to guide a body from a place to an other one, from something to see to something to taste, putting inconsciously the reader on the path of the writer, making him play the past and the memories of someone else. Here, the performance become directly implemented in reality and in the way of exploring a place, quoting at the same time “social-sculpture” and the psychogeography of the Situationnists.

The only physical existence of the project is through merchandising : pen, totebags, lighters… When the work is presented in an exhibition, these objects are made available and freely distributed during the show, applying to viral communication process as any start-up would do.

N2H4 is generating situations, and become a catalyst for memories, turning the writer’s one in its material, while the reader create its own during his exploration. Couldn’t we say that going to see a painting is only an excuse to make a memory of it and living with it afterward ? It’s with the same spirit that N2H4 was created, leaving object-oriented art practice in order to get involved with reality and the mental construction that shapes it.