Gymnastique oculaire, protocol, performative action, postcards, instructions 2019

Gymnastique oculaire provides instructions for the maintenance and improvement of our visual organs, suggesting the realisation of a series of movements for eye-balls (left to right, up to down...) intended to relax but also to strengthen and improve vision.

Rather than an image to look at as such, Gymnastique oculaire is an instruction manual to follow and activate. These movements are thus transformed into a tiny and almost invisible choreography.

Gymnastique oculaire exists under two different formats :

Version 1: At the entrance of an exhibition a free postcard invites the audience to realize a serie of eye movements, as to warm up its vision before visiting the exhibition.

Version 2 : In an official letter the artist invites every member of the museum's team to realise a serie of eye gymnastics daily.
Postcards display
Free postcards for the visitors
Plastic cards version for the team
Instruction letter for the team