Discrépant, in-situ urban sound installation project, 2019

Discrépant is a site-specific outdoor installation that can be reactivated in any public space, generating a unique sound experience each time it is reitarated. The work is accessible to the audience on a specfic website with their own individual equipment : any connected smartphone and headphone.

Connecting on www.discrepant.me, visitors can listen to recorded sounds evolving in relation to each of their positions and paths, overlapping with their immediate experience of the place. Their trajectories take place in-between interconnected stratum of realities and temporalities, overlaying and bumping into each others.

Discrépant is a sculpture made with time and pure perceptions, without any direct visual or material endings. This work is a micro-lag in perception that recreates the spectrum of the past, filling the space with ghosts made discernable. Stimulating users’ imaginations, Discrépant can be seen as a “persistence of hearing” - flirting with auditory hallucinations.

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